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Weathering life’s turbulent seas—never surrendering to the ocean’s depths.

40 years passed between the creation of this work and its release. Composed while Matt was still in high school—indeed, Opus 9 in his catalog—this piece now represents the storms endured on Matt’s journey, as well as celebrating that his ship is still afloat.

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UPC: 045011904800


Download ~ Print Sheet Music

The music has been transcribed for solo piano
and is available below.

Click the score to
download the sheet music:

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Album Review: Shipwreck

Matt Johnson
2020 / Dolce & Nuit Productions
3:15 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons


“Shipwreck” is a powerful new single from Matt Johnson. Fully orchestrated (including guitar and piano) and very dramatic, it is a reworking of a piece Matt composed when he was still in high school - his Opus 9. Over the period of some forty years from the time the piece was composed to when it was released, the music has come to symbolize the stormy life experiences Matt has endured over that period of time and also serves as a celebration that his “ship” is still afloat.


This quote sums it up well: “Weathering life’s turbulent seas - never surrendering to the ocean’s depths.” Bold with a very visual quality, it’s easy to visualize a ship being tossed around in the stormy waves while listening to this music!

Matt Johnson offers free downloads of all of his music from his website, and the single is also available for sale on Amazon, Apple Music and CD Baby. The sheet music, a solo piano reduction of
“Shipwreck,” is available from Matt’s site - also for free!


Matt offers his original music with no expectation of payment. The above audio files and musical scores are absolutely FREE for your personal use and enjoyment.
However, donations are always appreciated.

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