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Hot Cup of Tea

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This catchy little tune might brighten your day.

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UPC: 045011043875


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The music has been transcribed for solo piano
and is available below.

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Album Review: Hot Cup of Tea

Matt Johnson
2020 / Dolce & Nuit Productions
1 minute

Review by Kathy Parsons


“Hot Cup of Tea” is a spritely solo piano single by Matt Johnson that runs a total of 48 seconds, including a giggle at the beginning and the end. When Matt played this piece for one of his piano students, she said it sounded like a hot cup of tea, and the title stuck.

Cute and charming, this short (and perfect in its brevity) piece overflows with a playful happiness that is a sure to brighten anyone’s day - with or without a cup of tea!

Sheet music for the piece is also available (without the giggles - you need to supply those yourself!) from The sheet music is 1 1/2 pages and at an upper-intermediate playing level.

Matt offers all of his music (recordings and sheet music) as free downloads from his site. The single is also available for sale from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.


Matt offers his original music with no expectation of payment. The above audio files and musical scores are absolutely FREE for your personal use and enjoyment.
However, donations are always appreciated.

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