We Have Toys Out Here

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This short composition was written to entice Matt's first child to come out and play with all the toys waiting in the nursery.


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The music has been transcribed for solo piano and is available below.

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Matt offers his original music with no expectation of payment. The above audio files and musical scores are absolutely FREE for your personal use and enjoyment.
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Album Review: We Have Toys Out Here

Matt Johnson
2019 / Dolce & Nuit Productions
1 minute

Review by Kathy Parsons/www.MainlyPiano.com


We Have Toys Out Here” is a playful 50-second single by Matt Johnson that was originally composed “to entice Matt's first child to come out and play with all the toys waiting in the nursery.” It begins and ends with snippets of “Pop Goes the Weasel” that sound like they could have been played on a child’s xylophone. The main part of the piece features piano, light percussion and pennywhistle. Bright, cheerful and full of fun, I’m sure this was a wonderful encouragement for the baby to be born so he could find out what he was missing!

As he does with all of his music, Matt Johnson offers this piece as a free download on his website. It is also available for sale on CD Baby and iTunes.