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There Is No Escape

~ The First Collection ~


Add some color to your Art Collection with these novel NFTs

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Keyboard is missing the Escape Key…

Tie-Dye backgrounds provide the fun!


When child returned broken keyboard to Dad…with the Escape key missing…Dad recycled it into a piece of art. “Dad” created and autographed each of these unique and collectible NFTs.

These NFTs have already captured your attention…now, there IS no escape! 3/3 Editions ~ Collection of 100 NFTs

~ Includes Unlockable Content ~

(Escape Key provided upon purchase)


NFTs use IPFS cryptographic hashing within the metadata and associated files,

providing proof of authenticity and indefinite persistence of the token.

Purchase NFT in a color that brings you happiness,

Receive the (escape) key to a smile…;-)

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View all 100 NFTs in the Collection ↓

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