The NEW Silent Night

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New melodic and harmonic version of the traditional Silent Night lyrics featuring the passionate vocals of Heidi Enders.

Accompaniment TRACKS and SCORE are available below.

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Written for vocalist with piano accompaniment, this new melodic arrangement is available below.

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Matt offers his original music with no expectation of payment. The above audio files and musical scores are absolutely FREE for your personal use and enjoyment.
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Recording Information and Credits

Title: The NEW Silent Night

Composer/Arranger: Matt Johnson

Vocalist: Heidi Enders

Release Date: December, 2014

Producer: Matt Johnson

Record Label: Dolce & Nuit Productions

UPC: 045011101322


~Matt Johnson, piano

~Heidi Enders, vocals


Graphic created for this recording



Album Review: The NEW Silent Night

Matt Johnson
2014 / Dolce & Nuit Productions
5 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons/


The NEW Silent Night” is a single release of a reworking of the beloved classic Christmas carol with vocals by Heidi Enders and piano, strings and bells accompaniment by Matt Johnson. Johnson has created a brand new, more contemporary melody and accompaniment to go with the original lyrics, giving the traditional carol a heartfelt update. Enders’ voice is clear and expressive, giving the song wings to soar. Most of the accompaniment is piano, and the additional instrumentation here and there creates a full, rich sound. This new version of “Silent Night” will be a welcome addition to your holiday favorites!

Matt Johnson offers free downloads of all of his music on his website. There are three versions of “The NEW Silent Night” available there - the single, an accompaniment track with piano and orchestra, and an accompaniment track with just piano. The single version is also available on Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby, but not for free.

Sheet music is also available for “The New Silent Night.” It contains the vocal part with piano accompaniment and is in the keys of G, B and C (the key changes are within the piece - not different versions of the song). It also contains a page with the lyrics to all four verses and the coda. It, too, is available from Matt’s site as a free download or to buy on