Melrose Overture

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for Symphony Orchestra

Upon completion of his formal musical training, Matt’s orchestral “Melrose Overture” marked a new, exciting level of maturity and creativity in his journey as a composer. The recording’s cover graphic highlights the work’s rhythmic motif.

This energetic orchestral piece wraps different melodic “movements” into a singular work.

The music opens with an explosive high-A from all three trumpets. A bombastic timpani solo takes over, followed by a single trumpet’s presentation of the melodic motif, which is answered by the full orchestra. Solos are plentiful throughout, including a virtuosic cadenza by the concertmaster. Slower lyrical themes are balanced with those featuring more rhythmical challenges. The conclusion builds harmonic dissonance between the instruments, until a unifying final chord.

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Graphic created for this recording

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Album Review: Melrose Overture

Matt Johnson
2021 / Dolce & Nuit Productions
8 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons


REVIEW…will be here eventually…;-)