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Improvised Piano Music

Matthew's Yoga Music ~ Volume 6

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60 minutes of Improvised Piano Music for yoga and times of reflection.

8 hours of music in 8 volumes

When I sat at the piano to create these pieces, an improvisational musical picture emerged. It was intriguing to hear the initial themes unfold into melodic and rhythmic variations throughout those captured "moments in time."

These are the musical moments I offer…for your yoga practice, for massage therapy or for your own personal times of reflection and contemplation.

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Matthew's Yoga Music ~ Volume 6 - COVER

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Matt offers his original music with no expectation of payment.

The above audio files are absolutely FREE for your personal use and enjoyment.
However, donations are always appreciated.

Recording Information and Credits

Title: Matthew's Yoga Music ~ Volume 6
Artist: Matt Johnson

Release Date: September, 2010

Produced, Engineered and Mastered by:
Matt Johnson

Record Label: Dolce & Nuit Productions

CD Numbers:
Volume 1: DNP0104-2
Volume 2: DNP0508-2
Volume 3: DNP0912-2
Volume 4: DNP1316-2
Volume 5: DNP1720-2
Volume 6: DNP2124-2

~UPC: 045011212424
Volume 7: DNP2528-2
Volume 8: DNP2901-2

Total Disc Time: 60 minutes (each disc)


~Matt Johnson, piano, harmony ball texture


Graphics created for this recording


Album Review: Matthew's Yoga Music, Volume 6

Matt Johnson
2010 / Dolce & Nuit Productions
60 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons


Matthew’s Yoga Music, Volume 6 is part of an eight-volume series of albums, each with one hour of improvised piano music intended for yoga, massage therapy, or “for your own personal times of reflection and contemplation.” Because this is music with a lot of substance, it is also perfectly suited to listening for pleasure either with full attention or as background music. The only sound that was added to the piano is “harmony ball texture” which sounds like very light and delicate wind chimes or tiny bells, adding to the soothing nature of the music. Like the other volumes in the series, the album consists of four 15-minute segments, all of which are quite different from each other. On this album, there are lots of open spaces in the music that allow yoga instructors to speak; it also gives the music room to “breathe” when it isn’t being used for yoga. The harmony bell texture continues in these open spaces, almost like a breath of fresh air.

The first track on
Matthew’s Yoga Music, Volume 6 is quite dark and spacious with open space between short passages and chords in the deep bass of the piano. The harmony ball texture provides continuity and also lightens the sound quite a bit. It’s a very beautiful and evocative piece of music.


Track 2 is much lighter and more melodic with a steady rhythm and relaxed tempo. Near the middle of the piece, the left hand continues its pattern of chords while the right hand becomes quite a bit more animated - an interesting contrast in styles.


Track 3 returns to a more somber mood with many open spaces in the music. Quite dramatic as well as emotional, this is my favorite of the four segments.


Track 4 is lighter as well as more peaceful and hopeful. The frequent notes in the deep bass of the piano give the piece more weight while the quiet of the gently “tinkling” wind chimes balances it with feelings of serenity. I really like this one, too!

Matt Johnson has created a fascinating series with his Yoga Music, music that can be utilized in many ways. The whole series is available as free downloads from and can be purchased from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

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